Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Chabonian's

Today I moved into the Chabonian’s home. These are my aunt’s friends and they are wonderful. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to Tsovinar, but I’m sure I will be back there for dinner before leaving Armenia. When I left, she told me I had a “clean soul,” or at least that is how it was translated by Armen. Armen (my new host brother) brought me to his friend Shavash who is a hair stylist in Yerevan. Apparently he cuts the hair of almost the entire Armenian national soccer team. Armen tells me he is the #2 hair stylist in Yerevan. I want to know who is number one—I didn’t know they had rankings for such things. He did give me a nice haircut, and refused any form of payment. After my haircut, we went to a birthday party of one of the Chobanian’s friends. I am learning about the Armenian “kenats,” or toast, and trying my best to acquire a taste for Brandy.


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