Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I took Wednesday and Thursday off and Courtney and I went to the Tufenkian Tsapatagh Hotel which is located in a remote village on the eastern side of Lake Sevan. The hotel is beautiful and blends well with the landscape. It was a splurge but well worth it—there was a pool, hot tub, and a fantastic restaurant—probably the best food I’ve had in all of Armenia. We also had a great taxi driver who brought us from Sevan city to Tsapatagh and then came and picked us up the next day. Only the following day he brought his two granddaughters and wife. It was a tight ride back to Sevan, but lots of fun. On our way back he stopped on the peninsula of Sevan where there are two beautiful monasteries. When the monasteries were built, the peninsula was actually an island.

During our time in Tsapatagh we did a hike that brought us to within two kilometers of the Azerbaijian border. Fortunately our guide book had a clear illustration of where to stop. I’ve found it does not take long to reach Armenia’s borders.


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