Saturday, May 28, 2005

Shurjbar around Mt. Aragats

Friday afternoon we left for the “shurjbar” (round dance) around Mt. Aragats. The dance was to commemorate the Independence Day of the 1918 Armenian republic that lasted for only two years. Our group left a day early as to avoid traffic and have a fun night of camping. You can see a video about the dance here.

We arrived around 7 and set up base camp with three large tents. What began as a fun night of camping with dancing and singing soon turned to a rainy, miserable, and freezing night. I probably slept one hour. To make matters worse, it turned out we were in the wrong location for the dance the next day. We took down all our tents and had to leave at 6 AM for our new location. I suppose the silver lining was that we saw the sunrise that morning.

Despite the long night, the dance was well worth it. There were over 200,000 people that danced, and it was amazing to see all of the cars coming from Yerevan in the morning.


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