Sunday, May 01, 2005

Yerevan Zoo

yes, dambo and not dumbo 

the zoo! 

armenian dancing 

Today some of the volunteers including myself went to the grand reopening of the Yerevan zoo. The zoo has been open for over 50 years, even through the difficult times of the Soviet period. Unfortunately, during this time most of the animals died and the zoo fell into disarray. Yerevan has made a concerted effort to improve it in recent years and while far from perfect, I am told it is far better than it was. That being said, people were actually feeding the marshmallow elephant peanuts to the elephant.

For the grand-reopening there were all sorts of dancing and singing performances.

I wrote this earlier, but if anyone would like a postcard, please send me your address at


Anonymous Lou Oranos said...

Eddie...Sounds fantastic keep in touch and have fun...

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Lou OrFanos said...

Did I really just spell my last name wrong?

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Adam Crossman said...

Easy...hey where can I order a framed picture of your face from the blog homepage...Also update us on the food in Armenia, that would be pretty interesting, oh and what are the chics like?...

7:58 AM  

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